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Liquor recognized brands

discount liquors jack daniels


In this section, we show you the main brand names of spirits, so that you can buy the best liqueurs and eau-de-vies. Well-known brands are quality guarantee. Buying a bottle of whiskey or Cointreau appropriate for each person’s preferences requires time and knowledge. Having the guidance provided by our Web site, you will be able to buy delicious drinks simply and comfortably.

Anyway, we always advise trying different brand names and variants of spirits, until you find those best fitting the particular preferences. As regards prices, they obviously vary according to the drink quality, but anyway, due to the great competition, less famous brand names also have an excellent taste. Remember that investing money in a good bottle of spirits is worth it, since if they are tasted in small amounts, they last long. Here, we will mention the most famous brand names:


liquor storeVodka

The most important vodka brand names are:

liquor storesAbsolut (traditional vodka having different flavors)


abc liquorGrey Goose

alcohol liquorMoskovskaya

beer wine liquorStolichnaya

buy liquorWuborowa

brandy liquorZubrowka

delivery liquorRum

There are many rum brand names, here we only show you some of the main ones:

hard liquorArehucas (white, gold, special reserve)

drink liquorLemon Bacardi

liquor and wineReserve Bacardi

Liquor recognized brandsBarcelo

discount liquorsAged Brugal

jack danielsArehucas Captain Kidd

liquorBlue Caribbean

liquor storeBotran Solera 1893

liquor storesCoronation Khukri XXX

liquorsCachaça Velho Barreiro

abc liquorYpioca Cachaça Crystal

alcohol liquorCachaça 51

beer wine liquorWhiskey

The whiskey may be the most drunk eau-de-vie all around the world and that is why there is a wide variety of brand names, styles and vintages. Here, we offer a useful guide to buy a good bottle of this delicious drink. Whiskey prices vary according to their composition and aging. Whiskeys aged for more than twenty-five years have very high prices. There are laws guaranteeing that that the aging years indicated on the labels are true. In blended whiskeys, the label shows the aging years of the younger whiskey. The laws usually state minimum aging years, such as Scottish whiskeys, that must be aged for at least three years. Whiskeys of more than ten years old are the ones showing their aging time. Some of the main brand names are the following:

Scottish single malt whiskey or Scotch

buy liquorCardhu

brandy liquorCragganmore

delivery liquorDalwhinnie

hard liquorAberlour

drink liquorBowmore

liquor and wineGlen Turner

Liquor recognized brandsGlenfarclas (Reserve: 10, 25, 30 years or more)

Irish single malt whiskey

discount liquorsThe Tyrconnell

jack danielsColeraine

liquorBushmills Malt

Straight whiskey (American)

liquor storeJack Daniel’s (Scenes from Lynchburg, Gentleman, Gold Medal 1904)

liquor storesBlanton’s Special

liquorsMaker’s Mark

abc liquorCrown Royal

alcohol liquorJim Beam

beer wine liquorBlack Eagle

buy liquorKentucky Beau

Blended whiskey (Scottish)

brandy liquorAmbassador Royal

delivery liquorBlack & White

hard liquorBuchanan’s

drink liquorAntiquary

liquor and wineBallantine’s

Liquor recognized brands100 Pipers

discount liquorsChivas Regal

jack danielsJohnny Walter

Vatted malt”

liquorAlexander Dunn

liquor storeBlairmhor

liquor storesCockburn’s Highland Malt

Grain whiskey


abc liquorCameron Brig

alcohol liquorGin

Some of the main gin brand names are the following:

beer wine liquorBeefeater

buy liquorGordon’s

brandy liquorBombay Sapphire

delivery liquorGin Xorinquer

hard liquorSeagram’s Extra Dry Gin

drink liquorAbsinthe

There are different well-known brand names for such a controversial eau-de-vie, usually coming from France and Switzerland. Some of them are:

liquor and wineLa Bleue Clandestine

Liquor recognized brandsAbsinthe Suisse

discount liquorsMaison Alandia

jack danielsDeva

liquorLe Cour

liquor storePhilippe Lasala

liquor storesReythor


These are the most well-known eau-de-vie brand names:

abc liquorValley white eau-de-vie

alcohol liquorAntioquia eau-de-vie

beer wine liquorCrystal Eau-de-vie

buy liquorMescal

If you wish to savor a good mescal, then you should try the following brand names:

brandy liquorChacmol Mescal

delivery liquorRed Worm Mescal

hard liquorMaguey Chichiapa Mescal

drink liquorTequila

There are several famous brand names for this delicious Mexican drink:

liquor and wineJosé Cuervo (Aged)

Liquor recognized brandsRed Worm Mescal

discount liquorsRío de Plata (Rested)

jack danielsSauza (White, Gold)


Do you wish to enjoy a delicious glass of brandy? Then, you can try one of these brand names:


liquor storeMartell

liquor storesRemy Martin


abc liquorCourvoisier


alcohol liquorMarquis de Montesquiou

beer wine liquorArmagnac Clés des Ducs V.S.O.P

buy liquorArmagnac Saint-Vivant

brandy liquor


delivery liquorChocolate liqueur

The most famous chocolate liqueur brand names are:


hard liquorGodiva (brand name)

Ashanti Gold

drink liquorAshanti Gold (brand name)


liquor and wineVandermint (brand name)

Liquor recognized brandsCream liqueur

Do you wish to buy cream liqueurs? Here, we show you the most important brand names:


discount liquorsAmarula (brand name)


jack danielsBaileys Irish Cream (brand name)

Caribbean Punch

liquorCaribbean Punch (brand name)

Banana Cream

liquor storeMarie Brizard

liquor storesBols

liquorsDe Kuyper

abc liquorCoffee liqueur

The coffee liqueurs most drunk all around the world are:


alcohol liquorKahlua (brand name)

Tia Maria

beer wine liquorTia Maria (brand name)

buy liquorFruit liqueur

There are many good fruit liqueur brand names. Here, we show you some of them:


brandy liquorCointreau (brand name)


delivery liquorCuraçao of Curaçao

Grand Marnier

hard liquorGrand Marnier (brand name)


drink liquorLimoncello di Sicilia - Russo

liquor and wineLimoncello di Ischia

Liquor recognized brandsLimoncello di Capri

discount liquorsCaravella Limoncello

jack danielsVilla Massa



liquor storeCherry and raspberry liqueur

Although they are special liqueurs, we show you some classic brand names:


liquor storesLuxardo

liquorsHerb liqueur

The classic herb liqueur brand names are:


abc liquorMarie Brizard


alcohol liquorBenedictine (brand name)


beer wine liquorBecherovka (brand name)

buy liquorAlmond liqueur

This is the most famous almond liqueur:


brandy liquorDisaronno

delivery liquorOthers

If you are looking for a different liqueur, here you have some excellent options:


hard liquorVerpoorten

drink liquorWarners

liquor and wineBols

Liquor recognized brandsWarninks

discount liquorsDe Kuyper


jack danielsCampari (brand name)


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