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The current world is fast and time is very valued in it. Although visiting quality liquor stores is a unique experience, many times people do not have the time to do it. However, Internet is a great solution: through e-commerce, you can choose and get the best eau-de-vies and liqueurs of the market at any time (every day of the year and all the time) and from any part of the world. Once you have chosen the spirit you wish to buy for yourself or for somebody else, then you can make your order online. By means of this really simple process, you will be able to get the drink you want in no time. Thanks to the new security devices, online payment systems are highly reliable. In this section, you will find a description of the steps usually followed when buying spirits through liquor stores in the Web.

1. Firstly, online stores will ask you register as a customer. In order to do this, you will need to create and account and password. At this point, you will fill out a small form with your personal information: first name, last name, age (you must be over eighteen years old to legally buy alcohol), gender, address, phone number, e-mail address. In general, within each customer’s account, you can include contacts, that is to say, address and other information about people you know, to be able to buy gifts and send them to their address.

2. Once your address or the other potential recipients’ addresses are uploaded, you will need to choose the products you wish to buy, placing them on the shopping cart. You will be able to see your shopping cart to know what products and how many units you have ordered. If for some reason you wish to remove a product, you just need to select it and delete it. During the product selection, you will see at any time not only the products but also their price and the subtotal.

3. Besides the bottles of 1l, 750ml or smaller, you will be able to buy wooden cases or baskets to place the bottles in special occasions. Many online liquor stores combine different elements so that you can give a shocking gift: bottles of the best spirits placed in stylish wooden boxes, together with chocolate, flowers or teddy bears. They also include cards to express the feelings towards the recipient. Online stores also offer high quality gifts for institution staff. In some cases, these stores also provide catering services for companies.

4. Once you have completed the selection of products to buy, you should choose the recipients. If you wish to give a gift, you should indicate it in the comment section. You will write the name and address of the recipient or you will need to select the contact from your account. Besides, you will be able to write a message for the gift recipient, that will afterwards be transcribed into a card.

5. Spirits deliveries are always made in resistant boxes to avoid damages to the products. Gifts are always wrapped up in special paper with a bow and decorative filling is placed inside the boxes.

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6. Once you have finished doing your shopping, choosing the products for yourself or for a gift, you should choose the payment system: through bank transfer or with a credit card:

Bank transfer

In this case, the liquor stores send you a delivery note with the total amount and, besides, a bank account number for you to make the deposit. Once the stores check that the transfer has posted on the account (approximately 48 hrs), they send the orders with the corresponding bill.

Credit card

The most used payment method in e-commerce is the credit card, thanks to it speed, effectiveness and security. Until not so long ago, the online credit card payment created distrust because when entering the card number, it could be intercepted by others to shop illegally or the online stores themselves could commit fraud.

However, nowadays there are security systems for e-commerce avoiding this type of risks: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. These systems work in such a way that you do not have to give your credit card number to the store, since the transaction is strictly interbank. This means that the liquor store will not have your card number. In order to enjoy these security systems, you need to contact your bank and request them. In this way, you will be able to shop safely on line. They will give you a password or personal internet code that will allow your bank to verify that you are the one shopping online -and not somebody else-. The great advantage of the credit card payment is that since it is an automatic transaction, eau-de-vie and liqueur stores can send the orders immediately, without having to wait for the bank transfer, which usually takes around 48 hrs.

7. Of course, the time it takes for the orders to arrive varies according to the distances between the liquor store location and the recipient. Besides, taking into account the bank transfer delays is necessary, as well as considering that deliveries are only carried out during business days and in the morning. This means that orders received after noon are not sent until the following day. Express delivery services are usually offered, which imply a higher cost.

Delivery service always includes insurance against damages or lost. Besides, the product hand delivery is guaranteed. Each online liqueur and eau-de-vie store offers tables with delivery expenses according to distances and the order weight (bottle, package and liquid). For orders of great numbers of products, important discounts are usually made. When the orders are made from places far away from the online store country of origin, the most recommendable thing to do is to get in contact with them via phone or chat to be able to know for sure what the delivery expenses are. Transportation means are ground, plane or ship.

8. The products bought can be returned in case they arrive in bad conditions. On the other hand, if you wish to return one of these drinks for other reasons, you will be asked for the bill and the product must be in perfect conditions. They will usually accept exchanges. This means that, in general, online stores accept to exchange one product for another. Money refund is usually less frequent.

9. All online liquor stores offer personal attention service both via chat and phone. In this way, you will be able to ask all the necessary questions to clear your doubts, both regarding the best drinks choice and online shopping procedure.

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